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New Enrolments

Please be aware enrolments at Goodwood Primary School are in high demand, therefore, preference is given to those families residing in the catchment areas of Forestville, Wayville, Goodwood and Millswood.

To find your local school, school zone or preschool catchment area click on this link to the Department for Education site.

Families in these areas are required to produce documentation of their residence, as outlined below, to be considered for enrolment.

**Click here access the Department for Education Registration of Interest form for primary schools Reception registration of interest form** .

When submitting the Registration of Interest for Enrolment the following must also be included:

Proof of residency
If parents of the child own their residence, they must provide:

  1. A copy of the contract of sale for the property (or a recent council rates notice) and
  2. A copy of your most recent gas or electricity bill. (Water rates are not accepted.
If parents of the child rent their residence, they must provide:
  1. A rental agreement and
  2. A recent gas or electricity bill for that property. (Water rates are not accepted).
Please note :
  • The rental agreement needs to cover at least 12 months of the student's first year at the school. This means for students applying for admission to attend the following school year, the rental agreement dates should cover the 12 months of that school year.
  • Renting a room or rooms does not constitute a usual place of residence. Families must rent an entire property.
  • A contract of sale/council rates on its own is not sufficient documentation as the property may have been purchased by the parent and rented to other occupants, or is still under construction, A copy of a recent gas or electricity bill is also required (not water rates).
  • If a parent is claiming the child lives with a relative or friend to gain entry to a non-local school, parents should provide evidence that the friend/relative is the child's legal guardian, such as a parenting order from the Family Court.
Child's Proof of Identification
  • A copy of your child's Birth Certificate or Passport