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School Events

Goodwood Primary School has always taken pride in establishing authentic community connections and celebrating it's wonderful cultural diversity. There are many opportunities for our families to connect with the school and our 2019 external review acknowledged our unique sense of community. Some of the major school events across our year are:

Sports Day
Children walk over to Goodwood oval for this event where they are involved in Tabloid and competitive events. Many family members and friends join us for the day. Families are encouraged to help out in a range of ways during the day. Year 7s take on the responsibility of team captains. The team colours are lime green, purple, orange and aqua. Our focus is on all students participating and enjoying themselves. Our Governing Council and parents provide food and refreshments throughout the event. All in all it is a very positive community event.

Harmony Day
Australia celebrates Harmony Day every year on March 21. It is a national day that provides us with an opportunity to celebrate our successes as a culturally diverse society, re-commit ourselves to harmony and say "no" to racism. Harmony Day is celebrated nationally, by all kinds of organisations and groups. At Goodwood Primary School all students are involved in activities that celebrate Harmony Day. Our day begins with a cultural breakfast. In conjunction with the Parent Student learning and Well Being Committee a committee is formed. They oversee the planning and preparation of activities, displays and sharing of information with teachers, students and families.

Book Week
Book Week is celebrated in all school libraries in week 5 of term 3. At Goodwood, classes study the short listed books beforehand and look forward to the announcement of the winner the following week. Classes participate in a variety of planned activities such as working with buddy classes to do art activities, or visiting the Goodwood Public Library. In the past few years we have had visiting artists performing a musical for the whole school which incorporated some of the short listed books. Sometimes we have had the opportunity to hear visiting authors or illustrators. Each year there is a special theme or slogan and this year it is Australian Country.

Open Night
In term 3 every year we hold an Open Night when families are encouraged to come to the school and see the fabulous work our students have been achieving. Research shows that when students can articulate what they have learnt and teach others it consolidates their understandings and gives true purpose to their learning experiences.

Art House Pop- Up Gallery & Goody Markets
Each year we have the Arthouse Market place in term 4, late in October or early November. It is always a well-received Community event with high end Artisan Market stalls. Our Arthouse Pop-Up Gallery is held biannually. Goodwood Primary School hosts the Goodwood Arthouse Pop-up Gallery. Come along and experience a unique collection of works by Goodwood Primary School students. Artworks are for sale with all profits going to Goodwood Primary. The next Pop-up Gallery is in 2021.