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Goodwood Primary School offers an extensive out of school hours' sports program. The aim of the program is to provide all students with the opportunity to be involved in learning skills, improving their fitness and health, being part of a team or group, and most of all have lots of fun and enjoyment. Currently we have a variety of teams and groups for both boys and girls in basketball, cricket, football, netball, hockey, orienteering and soccer.

The success of this program is very reliant on people volunteering their services with coaching, umpiring, scoring, team management, transport and general support so please get involved to give your child the best opportunity.

A small group acts as a sub committee of the Governing Council to coordinate the program, meeting once per term with specific coordinators overseeing each sport. Example functions of the sub committee include:

  • To assist in the coordination of coaching, supervision and transport arrangements for the various out of school hours sports;
  • To approve the parents nominated to coaching positions;
  • To ensure coaches and supervisors are acquainted with the rules and general requirements of the Junior Sports Policy and the School's Behaviour Management Policy;
  • To develop and present a budget to finance subcommittee which reflects the interest and needs of all sports; and
  • To improve the quality and variety of out of school hours sports being offered to students
Please contact the school for information on sports offered at Goodwood Primary School

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