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Goodwood Primary school and preschool prides itself on providing students, parents and local residents with authentic opportunities to connect with the wider school community.

The statement 'It takes a village to raise a child' is a true reflection of how Goodwood Community works. Over the years the heart and soul of Goodwood Primary and Preschool has been shared by many.

The strong active aspects of community life provides invaluable mentoring for our students.

Student leadership provides our students with opportunities: to lead in our community and establish skills and desires to contribute and make a difference to their world: locally, nationally and as a global citizen.

There is regular interaction between the children and members of the local community and local organisations, in particular: Goodwood Road Business Association, Goody Patch gardeners, Goodwood Community Library, Forestville Reserve, Unley Swimming Pool, Local Nursing Homes and Unley Council.