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Volunteering at Goodwood

Goodwood Primary School and Preschool are committed to providing rich and rigorous learning opportunities for all children. To this end we welcome volunteers to our community and acknowledge the huge influence they have on us as a learning community.

To ensure we meet appropriate standards for safety and quality of programs being delivered at Goodwood the following procedures have been put in place:

Volunteer Selection Procedures

Parents/caregivers volunteers, who are known to the school, will report to class teacher or volunteer site manager. Volunteers offering to assist in ongoing programs where students are involved will be asked to provide the names of two referees, who may be called upon to verify information provided and an up to date Department of Education police clearance.

Sequence of Steps for Volunteers

  • Make informal contact with the school to ascertain school needs re volunteers.
  • Apply to the school providing background information, referee details and signed confidential declaration.
  • Obtain a current Department of Education police clearance - front office admin staff to start this process
  • Attend an interview with school leadership
  • Attend induction training
  • Sign agreement form
The principal's decision is final in determining who is eligible to work as a volunteer at the school.

The School's Responsibilities to Volunteers

A staff member will be allocated to supervise a volunteer in each of the areas he/she works.
Accurate records will be kept of a volunteer's training and work details.

Volunteers will be provided with full induction that will include:

  • Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect.
  • Work Health and Safety procedures.
  • Duty of Care responsibilities to students.
  • Confidentiality requirements.