Goodwood Primary School.


The Goodwood Primary Governing Council actively participates in the decision making process of our school. The work of the Council is supported through a range of sub-committees. These include the following subcommittees:

  • Finance subcommittee;
  • Grounds and Buildings subcommittee;
  • Canteen subcommittee;
  • Student Learning and Wellbeing subcommittee;
  • Fundraising subcommittee;
  • Out of School Hours Care subcommittee;
  • Out of School Hours Sports and Recreation subcommittee;
  • Communications Committee;
  • Uniform Shop;
  • and
  • Preschool Representative on Governing Council.
Parents are encouraged to become involved on a short or long term basis. It is important that the views of all parents are discussed at Council. Please let us know what you think about any aspect of the school. Governing Council activities are often reported in the school newsletter.