Goodwood Primary School.

Uniform Shop Subcommittee

We encourage all families to respect this dress code policy in relation to your child's attendance at our school.

We believe that a school Dress Code contributes to:
  • Whole school unity and individual feelings of self-worth through such unity.
  • The provision of a supportive school environment by reducing levels of competitive dressing.
  • The realisation of social justice by relieving parents of pressure to purchase high cost brand name clothing for school wear.
  • Positive visibility of Goodwood Primary School in the wider community.
Therefore we will support the wearing of school uniform and conformity with a dress code by:
  • Positive staff and community support for school uniform and the dress code.
  • Taking steps to eliminate dress based harassment.
  • Inclusion of a range of non-brand named clothing in the dress code.
  • Regular review of the dress code in consultation with students, parents/caregivers and staff.
The Uniform Committee manages all aspects of the uniform shop. Clothing can be purchased online through QKR or at the shop, face to face, Tuesday 8:40-9:10am or Thursday 3-3:30pm.