Student Learning & Wellbeing Subcommittee

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Student Learning & Wellbeing Subcommittee

Convenor: Rebecca Anderson
Members: Jane Abbey, Mary-Rose Alfonsi, Bec Barnard, Elise Francis, Sunitha McCarey, Joanne McFarland, Neeru Shrestha, Susanne Bertram, Jo McRae, Julie Tarza,Tania Brennan (Uniform) and Jacqui Wilson (Uniform), Bella Gibson/Alex Duncan and Jenny Wade.


Terms of reference:

  • To assist in the development, review and implementation of school policies that support improvements to student learning and well being and which reflect the interests of the school community.
  • To facilitate discussion and a broad understanding of the Australian Curriculum within the school community and to contribute to decision-making in areas of teaching that are determined at the school level (ie: not those areas of learning that are mandated).
  • To facilitate student and school community connections.