Goodwood Primary School.

Fundraising Subcommittee

Convenor: Paul Siddle
Members: Maree Moore, Ria Harrison, Bella Gibson, Missy Barter, Georgie Clark, Don Smyth, Monica Gay, Toni Crombie, Dayle Soong, Nisansala Kasturiaraqchchi, Kate Nines, Clare Lennon,  

  • Optimise income from established revenue-raising sources;
  • Investigate and promote new forms of fund raising;
  • Assist in the planning, organisation and execution of fund raising activities (members of this committee should not be considered the workhorses);
  • To investigate and develop clearly identified and easily used lines of communication between Council and the parent body;
  • To identify and use various avenues to promote the school and its achievements to:
    - School community
    - Local community
    - Wider community