Goodwood Primary School.

Fundraising Subcommittee

Convenor: Paul Siddle
Members: Maree Moore, Ria Harrison, Bella Gibson, Missy Barter, Georgie Clark, Don Smyth, Monica Gay, Toni Crombie, Dayle Soong, Nisansala Kasturiaraqchchi, Kate Nines, Clare Lennon, Joanna Bartram, 

To Assist and advise the canteen administrator on:

  • Optimise income from established revenue-raising sources;
  • Investigate and promote new forms of fund raising;
  • Assist in the planning, organisation and execution of fund raising activities (members of this committee should not be considered the workhorses);
  • To investigate and develop clearly identified and easily used lines of communication between Council and the parent body;
  • To identify and use various avenues to promote the school and its achievements to:
    - School community
    - Local community
    - Wider community