Goodwood Primary School.

School Uniforms

Dress code policy in relation to your child's attendance at our school.
We believe that a school Dress Code contributes to:
  • Whole school unity and individual feelings of self-worth through such unity.
  • The provision of a supportive school environment by reducing levels of competitive dressing.
  • The realisation of social justice by relieving parents of pressure to purchase high cost brand name clothing for school wear.
  • Positive visibility of Goodwood Primary School in the wider community.

Therefore we will support the wearing of school uniform and conformity with a dress code by:
  • Positive staff and community support for school uniform and the dress code.
  • Offering the sale of uniforms through a Uniform Shop.
  • Taking steps to eliminate dress based harassment.
  • Inclusion of a range of non-brand named clothing in the dress code.
  • Regular review of the dress code in consultation with students, parents/caregivers and staff.
  • The yearly provision of an exclusive 'class of....' garment for year 7 students.
  • Should a conflict arise between students in relation to clothing a restorative justice process


Our Uniform Shop is run by dedicated volunteers and is open between 8:40 and 9:10am on Tuesday mornings and 3:00 and 3:30pm on Thursday afternoons. The link below provides you with a price list which can be taken to the uniform shop when purchasing.

Student Dress Code is the same for boys and girls and includes any navy blue and/or gold clothing, therefore the Dress Code includes the following in school colours: (no large brand names or logos on any) gold and navy.
The following items are available for purchase at the uniform shop west side of PAC:

Long sleeve or short sleeve navy polo with logo 

poly/cotton or nylon

Navy sports


Navy bucket

Summer school tartan.

School bag

Navy long sleeve polo and zip neck polo windcheater

Please note:

Bike pants or leggings can be worn under skirts or dresses. They are not suitable on their own.

Denim Jeans - Are NOT suitable clothing.

Jewellery - Earrings: only sleepers or studs. A watch or medic alert bracelet is allowed. For safety reasons no rings or neck accessories.

Accessories - Plain belts

Footwear - Rubber soled shoes or sandals with backs, worn securely.

Make-up - No make-up needs to be worn. Nail polish can only be clear in colour

Aerosol cans - must not be brought to school eg deodorants, body spray and mousse/gel.

Cultural requirements - can be negotiated with the Principal.

  • A child needs a note from their parent/caregiver explaining why they are not wearing school uniform.
  • Children without a note will be asked to go to the front office; parents will be rung and asked to bring in a uniform.