Goodwood Primary School.

Out of School Hours Sport Subcommittee

Convenor: Tim Fitzgerald
Governing Council Rep: Paul Siddle
Members: Amy White, Alex Duncan, Ashley Kerley, Velladurai Nadar, Gustavo BrachoGranado, Michelle Richardson, Wendy Bevan, Cecilia Moretti, Bec Campbell, bec Anderson, Eleanor Bersten, Chas Thomas, Atif Rafique, Paul Siddle.

Download subcommittee contacts details here.

  • To assist in the coordination of coaching, supervision and transport arrangements for the various out of school hours sports;
  • To approve the parents nominated to coaching positions;
  • To ensure coaches and supervisors are acquainted with the rules and general requirements of the Junior Sports Policy and the School's Behaviour Management Policy;
  • To develop and present a budget to finance subcommittee which reflects the interest and needs of all sports; and
  • To improve the quality and variety of out of school hours sports being offered to students