Goodwood Primary School.

Out of School Hours Sport Subcommittee

Convenor: Tim Fitzgerald
Governing Council Rep: Paul Siddle
Members: Amy White, Alex Duncan, Ashley Kerley, Velladurai Nadar, Gustavo BrachoGranado, Michelle Richardson, Wendy Bevan, Cecilia Moretti, Bec Campbell, bec Anderson, Eleanor Bersten, Chas Thomas, Atif Rafique, Paul Siddle.

  • To assist in the coordination of coaching, supervision and transport arrangements for the various out of school hours sports;
  • To approve the parents nominated to coaching positions;
  • To ensure coaches and supervisors are acquainted with the rules and general requirements of the Junior Sports Policy and the School's Behaviour Management Policy;
  • To develop and present a budget to finance subcommittee which reflects the interest and needs of all sports; and
  • To improve the quality and variety of out of school hours sports being offered to students