Goodwood Primary School.


Numeracy requires meaningful concepts for numeration and computation to provide:

  • Understanding number.
  • Fluent processes in numeration and computation including: renaming, rounding, automatic access to basic facts and a range of algorithms for computation with larger numbers.
  • A capacity to draw on these concepts and fluent processes to solve problems.
  • Reasoning about the methods and solutions in problem solving.
We have a rigorous assessment process involving the 'PAT Maths'  and 'I Can Do Maths' tests developed by the Australian Council of Educational Research. This along with many other formative assessment processes and the NAPLAN test ensures we can clearly identify "What is known, the gaps, and what needs to be known." As with literacy, explicit instruction is a central strategy to good teaching practices in numeracy. We also embrace learning tasks which are open enough to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understandings in a range of contexts through Inquiry Learning.

Numeracy site learning plan (pdf)