Goodwood Primary School.

Governing Council Guiding Principles

Support excellence in teaching and learning through sustainability, healthy lifestyles, inclusivity and transparency in Governing Council decision making.

The communities the Council works with are:


  • Parents and caregivers;
  • Children;
  • Families - immediate and extended;
  • Staff;
  • Volunteers to school;
  • School facility users (eg dance, martial arts, yoga, language schools, music tutors);
  • OSHC - Out of School Hours Care;
  • Canteen;
  • Alumni/Old Scholars; and
  • School Suppliers.
Externally - Local
  • Unley Local Government Area;
  • Council and local councillors;
  • Local Council and services ? library, pool;
  • Traders / Businesses ;
  • Community Groups (sports, cultural, special interests);
  • Local residents;
  • Child care providers and playgroups; and
  • Other schools and school clusters.
  • DECD;
  • State Government departments;
  • Local MP?s;
  • SAASSO ? South Australian Association of State School Organisations;
  • Community Organisations eg CAMHS;
  • Sporting association bodies;
  • Business; and
  • Funding bodies.
  • Federal Government departments;
  • Federal MP's;
  • Business; and
  • Funding bodies.
The Council wishes to do the following:
Financial -
  • Maximise benefits utilising available resources;
  • Develop additional financial streams both internally and externally; and
  • Allocate resources towards projects and items decided upon, through a fair and transparent process.
Political -
  • Nurture existing relationships developed both internally and externally;
  • Seek to engage within the local, state and federal political environment to achieve positive initiatives in education; and
  • Advocate for Public Education.
Environmental -
  • The Council is committed to working towards best practice solutions to environmental challenges for an inner urban school; and
  • Promote environmental awareness within the school community.
Cultural/Social -
  • Capitalise on the multicultural nature of our community by actively taking positive steps to include all members in activities and structures; and
  • Provide leadership to support our thriving school community.
Physical -
  • Provide a physically stimulating and safe indoor and outdoor learning environment.